Wow, did anyone watch the Charlie Sheen roast?

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I know I'm late, but you might as well say it was a black people/Charlie Sheen roast. They went the hardest on O'neal and Tyson and there were mad black jokes thrown in there.

I can't lie, I had to laugh at this exchange.

Comic I've never heard of: Patrice sure is fat. Maybe someone should tell him grape koolaid is not a fruit.
*lukewarm audience reception"
Patrice: That was actually pretty good but there were too many white people in here for them to get it.
Comic: Too many white people? Here is something you'll never hear "There are too few black people in here."

Even Will Shatner came with the racist jokes.

He was like: "You can tell from my work that I put a lot of time and effort into picking the right projects before I move in, sort of like Patrice's family."

I know anybody can get it at a roast, but it was like those people had been waiting all year to get some shit off their chests about black people.
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