Do yall think Rondo is still a Top 5 PG If so..............

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Why is Boston 14-17 and they have a offense ranked 24th in the League with nice role player additions from the offseason. I expected Boston to be at least Top 3 in the League I know Boston are late bloomers but they're a year older Boston has become a mediocre defense and a stagnant offense but they have rondo who supposedly was going after Stockton record cant see why this not producing wins. Wondering if Boston is a year late of blowing this up....... is the offense to slow for Rondo and not maximizing his potential or has Rondo failed to get better offensively. Rondo hasn't taken his game to the next level when it comes to impact on the court especially when it comes to individual offense. Rondo seems to simultaneously stat stuff his way to relevance and then be alienated to underrated. I like rondo so this is not a bash on him b/c when I look @ the C's struggle he's not biggest problem but he part of it. The reason Im on Rondo b/c this is his team and I thought Doc gave him the Keys and told him :

You got the Juice now



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