Have Ad-Libs Ran Their Course

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Or is it me just being a old head. Even more as of late it seems before cats 1 bar in they're doing to much with the ad-libs. Niggaz making car noises and gun sounds, shouting out their name, their hood. It's like damn nigga, can I listen to the fuckin song. Makes me feel like when Clue was hot and a cat was spittin and he was goin in and just as the beat breaks he's about to finish a punchline wit something mean and this nigga Clue be like CLUE..CLUE..CLUE....you like "yo shut the fuck up!!" Thats how how this ab-lib shit got me, and not the more professional shit like stuff on the radio, but more so for up and coming cats or known rappers trying to get back in the game. Ad-Libs aint for everyone


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