Hiphop Lesson...What is a Backpacker..

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Its become cliche on the internet to label any MC or fan said MC with any type of lyrical skill/talent a backpacker.

It originally stemmed from b boys carrying there krylon spray-paint cans in book-bags to carry when they tagged the subway..wall... etc..

In terms of MC's and Rappers it was comically and wrongly became popular when this dropped...

the video had them carrying book bags etc thus the term backpack rapper was born...

Boot Camp Click was the group credtited with being branded with that name...the same crew that has Sean Price Smiff N Wessun backpackers word on what planet?...

Somehow Slaughterhouse both as a group and individual are labeled as backpackers wtf..that only because they actually can rap...based on content far from it...anyone saying they are cleary dont know what the fuck they are talking about.

Overtime it rightfully labeled to MC's who are the socially conscious and/underground or straight up nerd rap.

This is true backpack/nerd shit..

this is not backpack rap shit..

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