Do you think WWE can make another gimmick that

r.prince18r.prince18 Posts: 1,084 ✭✭✭✭✭
would make everybody want to tune like stone cold did? I'm not saying a direct copy of stone cold but like a interesting Gimmick with an interesting storyline that would get a lot of people talking or do you think the wwe would just mess up like always if they ever get this Gimmick.I ask this because i was talking to an old friend of mind who telling the reason he and everybody he knew back in the day watch WWE because of stone cold and how interesting he was and to see what he'll do next.I think they had this with john cena in the beginning and also C.M. punk but they keep going with that employee vs boss story which was fine for stone cold and DX because there gimmick was that of rebels but i think John and Punk need there own storylines.


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