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Outside of the over saturation of The McMahon family and the McMahon-Hemsley shit, 2000 was crack the entire year

With WCW at it's absoulut worst, WWF was at it's all time high as far rating and attendence.

The did it w/o there main guy (austin) for 9 months. No worries, The Rock popularity was at an all time high as he emerged as the new face of the company in Austin absense

Triple H was at his all time high was far as work rate. Emerging as one of the top heels of the Attitude era.

His fueds w/ Mick Foley, contributed to 2 of the greatest matches I've ever seen.

With Russo gone, out were all his characters he created, (val venis, godfather, gangrel etc.) and in was hands down the GOAT mid card scene


WWF finally went back entertaing you with wrestling instead of a bunch of fuckery

The height of the tag team divison

Edge & Christian
Dudley Boyz
Hardy Boyz
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