lets be honest, what is some of the down sides of being real or keep it real?

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Being real is a good, thing but if you be honest, we all know being real or keeping real dosent always pay off, and do not always mean u will win or be on the top when u keep it real.

one of the real things about me, is I actually been looking this way since about 15, (good days and bad) but the downside is I have to continue to prove to people Iam a grown and not a teenager, because alot of people judge people by their looks, and they think when you look younger for age you act younger. & it's also hard for people to figure out my age on a picture, I can a show a pic from 10 and 15 y ears ago and then think it's last year. so it kinda back fire.

I'm a honest person but on the real honesty do not always work for me, alot of times I'm painted as dishonest when I'm telling the truth.

do u think real have a down side?
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