Cheif Keef's stepbrother shot and killed.

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Chicago rapper Chief Keef's stepbrother Ulysses "Chris" Gissendanner III reportedly lost his life this month, fatally getting shot in the back of his head.

Details of the tragic shooting hit the Internet early Monday (January 7).

Rapper Chief Keef's stepbrother, an aspiring rapper from the suburbs, took a fatal bullet to the back of the head on the Far South Side, becoming yet another casualty of Chicago's shooting epidemic. Ulysses "Chris" Gissendanner III, a 19-year old graduate of Oak Park-River Forest High, became at least the fourth aspiring teen rapper to get shot and killed in Chicago since September. Gissendanner modeled his hip-hop alter ego, "YPN Boomtown," after Chief Keef, the Englewood teen rap sensation he was related to by marriage. Gissendanner's stepfather, Alfonso Cozart, says he is the father of Chief Keef, whose real name is Keith Cozart. The family connection isn't believed to have anything to do with Gissendanner's slaying, though, authorities said. (DNA Info)

The late aspiring rapper's mother Aridecy Tate has since confirmed the news.

On Wednesday, Gissendanner was gunned down in a car near 124th Street and South Union Avenue after visiting his uncle in West Pullman. He later died at Roseland Hospital, authorities said. Tate, who returned to Chicago after getting the tragic news in Arkansas, identified her son's body at the morgue and visited the spot where he was killed. "Somebody shot my son in the back of his head, and now he's dead," she said. "I wanted to see where my son passed." Chief Keef and his immediate family, however, do not recognize Gissendanner -- or Alfonso Cozart for that matter -- as family, the rapper's lawyer and maternal grandmother said. Chief Keef "wasn't friendly" with Gissendanner and had "nothing to do with the kid," attorney Dennis Berkson said. "And [Chief Keef] has no relationship with his father." (DNA Info)


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