The Reason Quotables: Emcee Menace x Death Before Dishonour

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To kick off 2013 here is Emcee Menace with Death Before Dishonour....

Feel free to drop some feedback about the record.

Tell me what you wanna know Im Rollin dice n playing dominos
Every buck I get is paying for that lotto ticket
Win I win it unknown fam n friends will pay a visit
You bout to witness greatness at its best Fuck what they said..a bullet proof vest won't
Be yo best decision ammunition spraying through ya kitchen
Tell me what I'm missin dude? Oh it was you? Same lame dude that
Killed mah patnah back in high school?U know the rules... Payback is a must
I can give a fuck on how ya feel...tough luck It's bout get real...ya know the deal
I'm keep it real witch you... born in 92 /Same year they beat Rodney black n blue
Around the same time Niggas With Attitudes
wasn't a crew Cube went solo n started to blow
then it was Dre hookin up with Snoop on the Row
MC ren had no place to he stuck around
back 2 the present now this how i got my stage name
after seeing Cain get slain in Menace to society
Shit was sick as hell to me might as well tell how
I came up in this game grabbed the pen n started to jot
Bumpin NaS n PAC then the record cut /Writing random bars n messin up
I swear God it had me stressin Cuzz/Was Sining by the cuss words Rollin off my tongue
Then i sparked the herb n felt a buzz/Felt like someone mixed my weed with dust
Musta been a cup of lean I mistaken for my Arizona tea

All ya phonies take seat and stay the hell away from me
If you ain't a friend of me dont shout me out in a tweet
Speaking bout Menace be the dopest /Hope off my dick ya broke bitch
Haven't you noticed I'm focused on the riches
ain't got time for you fake dudes n broke bitches
Spittin flames so i might as well burn these bridges down
Ask how around see how quick my name cums out
Ya bitches probably ain't hear her right
Since my dick is still up in her mouth..hold up lemme
Bust one out n take out..fuckin faggot kissed her lips
Where I left my unborn kids..thats gotta be the sickest shit

I Eva seen...Yadidimean...from the east bay where
They smokin the trees n flee the murder scene
pulled the piece on Niko who tried rippen em kilo
Now his down below...damn he should've known
cold world after the funeral we ran a train on his ol girl
This where the song takes a wrong turn in a whicked plot
I'ma stop before a crooked cop stops n listen bout
my recent twisted events..don't need to give him a reason
To lock me up in the pen till I'm 110...So I'ma chill n grip this pen..
Death Before Dishonor ya Bish fuck you N yo friends



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