Of these 3 posters, whose 15 mins is up?

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The good folkz at the HQ of ahh has blessed us with a place where you can let loose and act a plum fool w/o being judged, called the IC

Every now & then a struggling poster is thrown into the spotlight on some oops i didnt know you posted here but ur fuckness gaves u a lil fame shit

Well one of u has had a "run short like leprachuns" and will now be defamed

Nothing personal but as a devoted and appreciative member of the IC, I must utilize these nifty features they have blessed us with, starting with the ignore feature

Whose 15 is up,


Claim to fame: his youtube videos that were posted during his banning & his excessive cooning

Lady Zee:

Claim to fame: Titties

Makaveli Joker:

Claim to fame: was granted modship

My good folkz and resident members of the IC, help me decide whom to put on ignore, tis all i ask of y'all

Oh yea if you aint a duck bitch or a sucka nigga please join me in defaming the chosen poster by putting them on ignore


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