Aretha Franklin preps new album with Babyface and Danja
The world of R&B/Soul has just gotten a little more interesting. Singer/songwriter/producer Babyface and songwriter/producer Nate “Danja” Hills are reportedly teaming up to create songs for Aretha Franklin‘s next project.

Besides of the aforementioned, details surrounding the album are shrouded in secrecy. However, we can tell you Hills and Babyface have already been in the studio together vibing and getting a sound fit for a queen.
Besides concocting hits for Aretha Franklin, Babyface is currently working on his tenth solo disc. Things have been going well for Danja as well. His record company N.A.R.S. was profitable thanks to singer-songwriter Luke James, who got loads of national attention with his Grammy nominated R&B hit “I Want You.”
What do you think an Aretha Franklin album produced by the guy who did the beats for FutureSex/LoveSounds and the man who has written countless of America’s favorite pop/R&B classics in the past 30 years is going to sound like? Sound off with your predictions in the comments.

I'm super psyched for this. With Clive Davis back in the driver's seat (she's signed to RCA), this album is bound to be a banger. Her last album was sub-par in part because she had full creative control (which is an awful thing to say, but I love her and the truth hurts)


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