50 Cent the only Mega star never to sign a hot act?

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I was just thinking... This dude has to be the absolute worst at evaluating talent in rap history...

Jay signed Rihana (even if you don't want to give him Kanye, who Dame supposedly found)
Kanye signed Big Sean
Puff signed Biggie
Lil Wayne signed Drake and Nicki
Eminem Signed 50
Dre Signed Eminem
Gucci Signed Flocka
RIck Ross Signed Meek Mill and Wale
T.I. Signed B.O.B, Yung LA and Young Dro
Hell, even Ludacris signed Chingy

Why the fuck is this nigga 50 so ungodly terrible at finding someone HOT?

First Phase:
Yayo / Banks... Thats crew, won't even count them (not like they were hot anyway.. hot as in sales)
Game was Dr. Dre artist, and we all know how that ended anyway
Buck ... Somebody tell me something special about buck? Tony Yayo went gold off of 50's waning buzz, so Buck going platinum back then doesn't mean shit to me....

Second Phase:

A washed up Mobb Deep
Spider Loc
Paster Mase (a washed up nigga who was still under contract)


Third Phase:
A Washed up Shawy Lo who's last hits came 8 years ago
Kidd Kidd
DJ Pauly

I mean, wtf is wrong with this dude?

Worst evaluater of talent in history... It seem like he go to the bottom of the barrel when signing acts, instead of trying to find some fresh, unique, skilled talent....

And no, I don't give a fuck.. Was just bored and thought I'd point out how pathetic it was after I saw something about Gunit touring on his site


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