When is New York gonna start accepting thier new generation...

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when we talk Hip Hop all New York can bring up is da fact they birthed Hip Hop and wha albums they dropped in da 90s.

when is NY people gonna let go of the past and focus on thier next group of artist. this is the reason NY has been on Top for about 10 years because they wanna hold on to da likes of Jay, Nas, & Wu Tang members.

this is why Jadakiss never reach King of NY cuz NY was stuck on Jay, Nas, & BIG.

or why Fab & Juelz never got to reach thier peaks.

Saigon & Papoose went from being next up to just mixtape rappers.

50 Cent made a huge impact 10 years ago just to let NY down by dissing everybody and dropping medicore shyt after his debut. he was kinda like da last hope.

Now New York has ASAP Rocky, Vado, Action Bronson, Joey Badass, fred da Godson, Flatbush Zombies, etc.

will they let the chance of re-taking over Hip Hop go again like they have many times in da past 10 years??

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