Punk vs Rock promo: Who Won?

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After MNR, the wrestling sites and fan pages on FaceBook went ape shit over their promos, which is understandable (I did too). The arguments poured in; who had a better promo? Of course the smarks, the IWC, chose Punk and AE/Rocky fans chose the Rock.

I've always been a big fan of the Rock, since '98 & '99, always stuck by his mic skills and thought he got the better of all his opponents.

But it's like I'm the only one who thinks he's lost his touch. When Rock faced Cena and made his appearances here and there, his promos were okay, nothing top notch and it had the usual Rock humor. Even with Cena, it looked like he struggled to find the lines to use, but nonetheless he pulled through and made it entertaining.

Monday night vs Punk, I felt he was completely out of touch. His humor was on the gay side and "cookie puss" is some made-up shit. I felt the Rock didn't say much.

Rock vs Punk promos are different from one another, Rock relies on the crowd, catch phrases, humor and made-up terms while Punk relies on truth and ether. If this was '99, Rock would've dropped a better promo and would've gone toe-to-toe w Punk better. I think the Promo Wars will all go to Punk, Punk was able to shit on the fans and the Rock and throw it back into his face in the end.

(People also talking about Punks legacy and that he doesn't have one dude to his wins not being clean as a champ)

I'm not a "smark", far from it but Punk won Monday night, Rock is still my dude but he doesn't have it anymore.


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