Has anyone wit no injury fell off worse then Vince Carter

BlackAX410BlackAX410 JEFF AXEL DA GREATPosts: 26,903 ✭✭✭✭✭
smh man watchin mavs games dis year has been tough. Flabby nd sick aint even da word to describe how bad Vince Carter looks right now. I grew up seeing him in his prime wit amazing dunks, an underrated 3 point touch nd versatility dat was slept on. Dude was a bonafide 25ppg scorer for years doin dat 5 times, his career high was 27.6 ppg in 2000-01 nd he has a chance to pass Larry Bird dis year wit his current 21,564 career points. His numbers eva since 2009-10 (16.6 ppg) have declined nd now he's a 10ppg scorer. so da question is wat happened? was it lack of heart? dis guy had similar skills wit Kobe did he just lack da work ethic? Kobe is around da same age but leadin da league in scorin, Paul Pierce is da same age nd averaging 20ppg, Vince not only lost a step but not even close to wat he used to be. So once again i ask has any NBA player wit no serious injury eva declined nd lost their skills worse then Vince Carter?


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