Running and Defense still wins championships right?

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Whenever NFL analysts bring up playoff football, the two most important rules are having a good defense and being able to run the ball. However, the last four Super Bowls have featured all passing teams with the exception of the Steelers. So I say that to say this, what's the formula to winning in the playoffs? Is it still pounding the ball and defense or is that now obsolete?


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    No, it's a passing league. More specifically, a quarterback league.

    Most important thing in the nfl is having a great quarterback.

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    The Saints won and averaged over 150 on the ground.

    We was very balanced.
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    its honestly been years since i heard people say that running games and defense wins titles.

    that's not to say you don't need those two things. you don't have to be great at anything but you have to be able to be able to have a good enough run game and good enough pass game to be able to do those things when the situation warrants. You don't need a great defense, but you need to be able to make stops in crucial moments of the game.
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    NFL it is more passing then running, College Football is more running then passing.
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    Yep, that saying still stands. It's just people misunderstand it.

    It doesn't say "teams who have top-5 ranked run game and top-5 ranked defenses win championships".


    It says that IN a championship game or situation you better be able to run the ball effectively and be able to stop your opponent on defense.

    That doesn't mean you better have AP on offense and a 85 Bears defense, it just means when the playoffs or championship game comes around you have a better chance if you do those 2 things effectively.

    Consider the alternative.

    If a team passes for 450 yds, rushes for 50 yds, and their defense gives up 600 yds --- does that sound like a playoff or championship win??

    Not likely.

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