man what is so wrong about putting out mixtapes?

IamtheVILLEIamtheVILLE Posts: 2,701 ✭✭✭✭✭
i see some people say they want more albums and more mixtapes but for me i want more mixtapes just make it album quality.

this has been on my mind for some months and its like with all the pirating of music and so forth why dont artist just put out mixtapes? it seems to me that even though you dont make money off the album youll get money from shows and other endeavors. you wouldnt have to wait on a record deal cause youre already puttin out the music. and you wouldnt have to be controlled by what they want to hear or pay back your advance money.

for example 2chainz, waka, trinidad, etc. yeah you might not like their music but others do and these people will pay to see you in concert especially if your mixtape is hot. so lets talk, cause i see this as a new wave of the future to become your own boss and i see records companies going the way of the tape.


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