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oka i approached this girl today trying to get her number and shit everything was going good. i asked could i sit here she said ya so im like how u doing whats ya name. she tells me we start a lil convo so im like can i get to know ya better take ya out and she responds

"Nigga u was gettin to know but i guess u cant see that and i can already tell how u is from how u talk. u think u just gonna take me out get me home fck me and leave gtfo with that shit. all niggas is are dogs just like my last nigga and the one before that.

now im just in shock really in my head im like "O_o wtf i do to u girl clearly somebody done hurt ya feelings....and how she knew what i wanted to do"

this brings me to the question fellas/ladies have yall ever talked to or dated some sensitive ass person who still got there feelings in the hospital form there last relationship&u had to deal with some shit u didnt even do and how did u deal with it?.........u can tell ya story or just do yes&no along with how u dealt with it doesnt matter to me
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