Honestly, what is it about the puss that make men just so....moronic?

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I mean, if you look at all the public Ls that have happened recently to celebs:

Chris Humphrise marrying the most attention-starved broad in the universe.
Kanye then knocking up said broad

James Harden's $20,000 L

Wayne impregnating the industry's most HOF whore

Shanty Lo with 7+ BMs

General Pietraus's cover-up L

Kwame Kilpatrick

The senator that ran off with his Argentine broad for like three days

And then look at your basic Ls taken by regular folk when it comes to getting caught up. (The numerous postings on here)

I know is may seem like a generalization, but why does it seem like when in comes to sex in today's world, men are so weak-willed enough to allow pussy to simply fuck their lives up? Seriously, is it a lack of self-control? No daddy issues? I'd like to turn this into a serious discussion, but I'll just say "in b4 hoes run the world".



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