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D.C. Cop Allegedly Shot Baby’s Mother Dead, Left Baby To Die In Car

ImTheKangRoundHereImTheKangRoundHere Posts: 4,649 ✭✭✭✭✭
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D.C. police officer Richmond Phillips (pictured) shot his baby’s mother to death and left their infant daughter to die in a hot car because he didn’t want to pay child support, prosecutors said during opening statements in Phillips’ trial on Monday.

Authorities arrested Phillips in June 2011 after finding 20-year-old Wynetta Wright’s body at a nearby park, the one where they met to discuss caring for their daughter. According to ABC 7, Phillips lured Wright to a wooded area in Hillcrest Heights in May 2011 and shot her to death.

He then left their daughter, Jaylin, in a car on a day that was 100-plus degrees. Her body was found a short distance away. She was a few days from her first birthday.

There are conflicting reports about whether Wright was Phillips’ girlfriend or mistress. Phillips and Wright were scheduled to appear in court for a child support hearing just before both Wright and their daughter went missing and eventually found dead.

Phillips has been charged with two-counts of first-degree murder, child abuse and firearms charges. He was a member of the D.C. police department’s narcotics unit for several years. If convicted, Phillips will spend the rest of his life in prison. His lawyer, Brian Denton, denies all the charges and claims there is no evidence to corroborate them.



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