Tarrantino uses the "N-Word" at Golden Globe Interview

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The controversy surrounding Quentin Tarantino's usage of the n-word in "Django Unchained" has been a popular topic as of late in entertainment world.

Though the director ignited some to boycott the film and even provoking violent threats from comedian Katt Williams, the filmmaker still has no qualms about his style of directing.

Tarantino continued to address the issue backstage during this year’s annual Golden Globe awards. "If somebody is out there actually saying when it comes to the word [n-word], the fact that I was using it in the movie more than it was being used in the antebellum South in Mississippi, then feel free to make that case,” he reportedly said to the press. “But no one’s actually making that case. They are saying I should lie, that I should whitewash, that I should massage, and I never do that when it comes to my characters." http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/14/quentin-tarantino-n-word-_n_2472875.html

I'm not offended, but it is possible to be unphased by the word, but still alert enough to see when these fukers think they slick.

Yes he's referencing the word being used in the movie, but this aint the movie. And i'm convinced that he goes home n laughs about this shyt...all while black apologists come in and do the explaining for him. (Wait for it...)

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    Why wouldn't he go home and laugh about it...?
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    Whites stay winning while blacks stay salty.
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    Soooo...him being behind the movie and it's profits is all good, but him actually SAYING the n word is not all good.

    Personally I find Tarantino to be an arrogant fuck but splitting hairs like that is retarded.
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    s2jepeka wrote: »
    he's referencing the word being used in the movie

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    Vaas wrote: »
    Whites stay winning while blacks stay salty.

    I truly did not know someone would say this.
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    Black people and wiggers being sensitive, again.
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    s2jepeka wrote: »
    A1000MILES wrote: »
    Why wouldn't he go home and laugh about it...?

    What i mean is, I'm sure, like many well-to-do, smilling, nice white people that you encounter everyday- he uses that shyt in the privacy of his home-in a derogatory way.

    Then he goes out n uses it in an interview, sees us fight for him-then goes home and says "Honey, you see that shyt? Those NIGGERS love me bwahahaha"

    ...I mean, he prolly do, it wouldn't surprise me...All races do the same thing...I got white friends...But I'll be damned if I ain't never used the word cracka, in a derogatory way...I was talkin wit my cousin bout crackas yesterday...Them fuck ass crackas at his job called him a thug on some slick shit...Fuck them crackas...Ion hate white people though...
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    Damn I just saw that shit. Kat you racist as fuck
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    Stopitfive wrote: »
    The lines r clear. Don't even acknowledge this shit any further... Whites and white apologists only respect force and money... Fuck him and Kat...

    why fuck me?

    Go wash the sleep out of your eyes you grump.
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    Oceanic wrote: »
    If you don't like the word, you should not support its use in the movie (or movies in general) or even further, in music:
    pralims wrote: »
    the fact that you supported it makes white people think its ok to say nigga.


    if my people say it in music its fine.
    why defend everyone using it?

    can i say kike on public tv?
    can i say kike in a song?
    how many times has black musicians had to apologize for some shit that wasnt even as bad a the word nigga.

    everyone uses the derogatory word for their race within their community and it doesnt leave it and when it doesn it a problem....but we are the only ones that are still trying to let everyone use it.
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    Stopitfive wrote: »
    How many times was kike used in Inglorious Basterds?

    I finally watched that shit other night...Came on tv...Too much German and French, not enough naked white women...And fuck Brad Pitt, he always wins...Smug ass cracka...
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