Seth Jones (Former NBA Player Popeye Jones son) named top defensive prospect for NHL draft

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He also was an assistant captain on the recent gold medal U20 USA hockey team in the world junior championships

In laymens terms he is almost like a magic johnson hockey wise. Hes tall but still can move the puck. I saw him in that tournament and i think homes gunna be a problem in the NHL.

The way the NHL draft works is you get drafted around 18 years old. You then have a few choices you can either.

-Play directly in NHL/minor league farm system
-Play college hockey for 1-4 years
-Play junior hockey in Canada/another country for a year or 2

If you don't go to the NHL the team that drafted you tracks your progress and decides how long they want you where you are. After you finish your college/or junior hockey year they decide if they wanna keep you developing for a few more years or want to sign you to a minor league or NHL contract.


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