Arizona dentist puts silver crowns on EVERY one of four-year-old girl's teeth

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A four-year-old girl has been left with stainless-steel crowns on every single one of her teeth after she made a recent trip to the dentist. Savannah White was left with a mouth full of metal after she went in for a routine procedure on four cavities, her mother Alecia said on Monday. Mrs White brought her daughter to a dentist's surgery in Phoenix, Arizona and stayed with her until she was sedated before leaving for the waiting room.

Mrs White brought her daughter home and when the child had woken up from a nap, she was horrified to look inside her mouth which had been coated in metal. The dentist's handiwork left the unfortunate little girl with the appearance of Bond villain Jaws, one of the 007's most famous nemeses, played by Richard Kiel, from movies The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker.

The mother, who also has a son called Zach, said that she was embarrassed by what the dentist, who has not been identified, did to her daughter. She added that the dental work made Savannah unhappy with her appearance. Mrs White told AZFamily: 'On a daily basis she says, ''Mommy, I don't like my teeth. I don't like my teeth.'' And it's really kind of hard to hear every single day.'

The local TV station asked Dr Richard Chaet, a pediatric dentist for 30 years who has written guidelines for his peers across the U.S, to examine photographs of the little girl's mouth. Dr Chaet said he was amazed by the number of caps on the child's teeth but on closer inspection said that the dental work had been necessary due to the level of deterioration.

A dentist later capped Savannah's teeth with white veneers so that she would not be self-conscious about how she looked. The best way to prevent children having silver crowns is to encourage a high level of oral hygiene.

The American Dental Association recommends taking children to the dentist from their first or second birthday and avoid giving children sugary drinks, including fruit juices, which can cause damage.

Despite not being visible, a child is susceptible to cavities from birth because the 20 primary teeth are present in the jaws.



pic of her mom-

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