T.I. talks about being compared to Tupac

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DX: On Trouble Man's intro track you say that "real niggas say I kick it the same way 'Pac did it." Outside of legal issues, what do you believe you and Tupac have in common?

T.I.: Well. Respect from gangstas and [being] adored by females... [Laughs] The ability to have a street credibility with a high level of intellect. The ability to speak for those in poverty-stricken areas who don’t have the mouthpiece to speak for themselves. The diverse mixture of association with dope boys, trappers and politicians all the same. The celebrity presence that stretches from the lowest of celebrity to the highest. And I guess our love and intention to reach out to all from an philanthropic standpoint, just being willing to dedicate ourselves and offer ourselves and invest our time, effort and energy into the undiscerned areas of the community because we come from these undiscerned areas of the community. Just having that love and respect for the have-nots enough to dedicate ourselves to it.

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