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Fck is goin on outchea??? Black "Bishop" takes pic of himself and granddaughter...

konceptjoneskonceptjones Old School PlayaPosts: 12,903 ✭✭✭✭✭
... in the tub together.

(no pic... FOH)


"Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Thanks to the members of my Obnoxious Street Committee again for this one. Sometime yesterday or today my phone began to jump off the hook about this photo of Bishop Larry Trotter in the bathtub with his granddaughter. To be perfectly honest I help this for a moment because I did not want to jump on a bandwagon of questioning the love of a grandfather for his granddaughter or to seem to attack Bishop Trotter. However, I think that society has robbed us of our true essence of family and love. Now I am not a parent and not sure if I will be one at all at this point in my life, but I do know that we as family did things prior to hearing everyday about child molestation and sexual abuse cases that people would never think twice about or cause eyebrows to raise. Most black folks 30 years old or above parents have a baby picture of them naked and no one thought twice about it. Now in a world with perversion exposed we have to second guess every little thing. The question is: Would it have been better if Bishop Trotter was in the bathtub with his grandson or if the child was younger or if it was a little boy?

To be honest I am not sure if at this point it would have made much of a difference. We can be clear that the Bible does say do not let your good be evil spoken of and that is just what the Bishop has done in this case. Most recently we learned of Creflo Dollar jumping on his teenage daughter that sparked discussion on what is the proper age for fathers to no longer physically discipline their daughter. In a world over shadowed by child molestation and sexual abuse should a photo of this nature ever have been taken The answer is no. Plus that other question is who took the photo and what kind of household does The Trotters have after all. A third party obviously witnessed this and took the photo. Which leaves you to question if Bishop Trotter is comfortable nude in front of his children and grandchildren in the privacy of his home? The world would be shocked if a camera was to enter the homes of many of us and captured the things that we take for granted that would be shocking and appalling to the masses if the world knew you actually behaved in such a manner. For example, is it a age that it is no longer appropriate to sleep in the same bed with a parent. This photo makes us question everything we do in our homes with and around the children in our lives. "

he's prolly gonna go to jail for this.
i'm not sure which entity leaves people more abused and lost; the Porn Industry or Bad Boy Records.


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