PA Youth center director had affair with son's 15-year-old friend, husband snitched (W/Pics)

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A director of a youth center has been accused of having a six-month affair with her son's 15-year-old friend. Susan Sundo, 45, was arrested on Wednesday after her own husband tipped off police about the alleged sexual relationship with the boy. The mother-of-three is alleged to have had sex in her basement with the teenager when he stayed for sleepovers at her home in Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania.

Sundo is also believed to have sent the 15-year-old explicit text messages describing sexual acts she would like to do to him. According to the criminal complaint, the teenager would meet Sundo in the attic or basement of her home wearing just his underpants while others in the home were asleep. The couple also had sex in the backseat of her SUV with their most recent sexual encounter allegedly taking place on December 16.

Sharpsburg Mayor Richard Panza said Sundo's husband had complained to police about his wife's relationship with the teenage boy. The couple have three children, aged from six to 14. After her arrest, Sundo was removed from her position as director of the Sharpsburg Youth Recreation Center.

Police are also investigating if she had any inappropriate contact with other young people at the center. The affair was revealed after Sundo‘s husband went to police with allegations that his wife was seeing his son's teenage friend. He told police that the boy got a large number of text messages and phone calls from his wife that began last summer. In an interview with police, the 15-year-old said he received a large number of text messages from Sundo and while on sleepovers was encouraged to meet her for sex.

The arrest report reveals that when Sundo‘s husband drove to the boy‘s home to confront him and his parents, the teenager told him that they had sex for several months in her home and her car. The boy later told police he had sex with the 45-year-old on at least a dozen occasions. 'She ran the recreation center and she no longer does,' said Michael Witherel, the Sharpsburg Borough solicitor.

'As soon a council was told about this in executive session by the chief of police – they were filled in on the details – and in an abundance of caution, recognizing that these are charges – nothing proven yet, but the borough council took immediate action at the public meeting then to remove her.' Her attorney claims Sundo’s reputation has been wrongly tarnished. 'She’s a very ordinary, everyday housewife,' said David Shrager said. 'These accusations are extremely upsetting to her as anyone could imagine.

'She’s very distraught with these circumstances. The families were all very close prior to this. Her children were very good friends. It’s upsetting.' Sundo has been ordered to have no contact with the alleged victim and has a court date in March. She has been charged with corruption of minors, statutory sexual assault, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and unlawful contact with a minor.



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