"Just a College Player" Appreciation Thread

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Just wanted to give a shoutout to all the guys who were great players in college but couldn't really get a career going in the league for whatever reason. Some of my favorite college players coming up were either two small, too slow, or had too many personal problems to have established pro careers. Here's starting it off...

Julius Hodge- dude was a beast in the ACC, heard he got shot when he first got in the league and then he just fizzled out..


Maurice Clarett- star back from that 2002 National Champ OSU team. Fucked his life up after that, but he was a monster as a freshman.


Scottie Reynolds- How the hell are you 1st team All-American and not even get drafted? Dude has yet to log an NBA minute, but he and the rest of that 4 guard lineup at Villanova were tough though. Put a smile on my face how they ran Duke out the gym in the tourney in '09...




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