Dwight Howard : Can he be more dominant?

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Much has been made of Dwight Howard's disposition. That he is to happy go lucky on the court. That he jokes and plays

around too much etc. but that's not why he isn't dominant offensively. The reason he isn't a dominant offensive player is

because he's a shitty offensive player. He doesn't have much of a low post game , or hook shot or anything of the sort .

He can't make a 15 foot jump shot . His offensive game is very limited. He could be the maddest man on the planet and

still would not be able to dominate on the offensive end. He's going to have to seriously work on his game (especially

after the back surgery) before he'll be dominate on that end of the floor. So I'm I right or wrong , can dwight be dominate

if he wanted to or is it that his limited offensive skill set doesn't allow him to dominate?


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