What's up everybody! Just a quick message. We will be relaunching AllHipHop.com with the goal of keeping the community front and center. I have worked with Jamal and select moderators, to make sure The Illl Community's needs are being addressed as we evolve. We are encouraging you to use the new platform.

We will NOT be closing the current community, but we will be porting user data over to the new system over time, so please get used to using the new community!

We will be working on it every single day until it's exactly what you want!

Please feel free to join now, test, as we are in beta:


You Cowardly Hearts, what Poster have u shook that you do not reply because Ether's might be dealt

waterproofwaterproof Conqueror of SelfOn The Road to ZionPosts: 9,404 ✭✭✭✭✭
you timid tweety bird hearts havin sissy's, come in here and tell the donkey what poster have u so shook that even though you like to give them a piece of your mind, your fear stricken heart wont allow it because they are known to deal ether.

Me not near one muthafucka on the IC have me shook to reply to them and cuss they asses out, how bout you
Your best rapper saying 'YES, MASSA', when they beat 'em - HELL RAZAH

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