I've never done the slightest work in my life and i'm to write a resumé

P-Dogg77P-Dogg77 Posts: 4,403 ✭✭✭
I think i only washed some dishes back in 08' but that was too much for me. Now i've gotten stuck in a rut because i have a lot of swag , sprezzatura and i am the undisputed king of fashunzz , but in order to keep my uncontested throne i will need new clothes and money. So I wanna get that werk baybay. What's the most important thing to keep in mind when writing a résumé ? What will I need to include ? And as for the job itself it can be pretty much anything i'm ready for whatever. I can be a gigolo, mow your lawn,clean your dishes,fuck your girlfriend/mom/sister or whatever is necessary. Since i have no prior experience whatsoever with working how much will it hamper me when I can't include réfèréncès ? Will they think I am waque and that i cant get that cheque monay ?

Now help me write a good ass rêsûmé.


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