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The Source lists their top 12 Holy **** moments in WWE

jonojono Right fist = power, left fist = unityPosts: 30,093 ✭✭✭✭✭
Brock Lesnar and Big Show Cause Ring To

You can’t get a much bigger match up than The
Big Show facing off against Brock Lesnar. So
when the two giants come face to face, what do
you get? A groundbreaking finish that would
create one of the biggest pops from a match in
WWE history. Take a look below at the
destruction that these two men caused to the
squared circle.
The Undertaker Throws Mankind Off The

Falls, bumps, dives, whatever you want to call
them, have become a huge staple in the world of
professional wrestling and over the years we
have witnessed some of the most insane and
unbelievable stunts that two people could
maneuver. The history of the Hell in a Cell match
has been built around jaw dropping moments
that have changed the careers of those who
participate in them. The match between The
Undertaker and Mankind is no exception. I’m
sure we all remember when The Deadman tossed
Mankind off the top of the cell in one of the
craziest bumps in HIAC history.
Edge Spears Mick Foley Through Flaming

One thing you’ll notice on this list is Mick
Foley’s reoccurrence as he has had the most
reckless and dangerous career that we’ve
witnessed in WWE history. Edge and Foley took
their heated rivalry to the grandest stage of
them all, Wrestlemania 22, where they faced off
in a Hardcore match with Lita ringside. With the
assist from Lita, Edge delivers an insane spear
driving Foley right into a flaming table.
Mick Foley Throws Randy Orton Onto

This moment will just make you cringe. Randy
Orton on his “Legend Killer” streak attacked
Foley and his legacy which would not go
unanswered by the Hardcore Legend. At
Backlash 2004, the two competed in a No Holds
Barred match and that’s exactly what we got
when Foley threw Orton onto a pile of
thumbtacks. Yikes.
Jeff Hardy Jumps Off 20 Ft Ladder Onto Edge
Jeff Hardy is THE stuntman. The list of things
this guy wouldn’t do in a wrestling match is
practically empty. Anytime Hardy is involved in
a ladder match, you can guarantee there is
going to be a move that shocks the WWE
universe. But no one could anticipate the 20 foot
dive he would take onto Edge who was laid out
on a ladder. This move undoubtedly shortened
both their careers.
Goldberg Spears Jericho Through
Elmination Chamber Glass

Goldberg is one tough dude - a spear alone from
the beast would knock you senseless and leave
you in the fetal position. Now imagine being
speared by the 6 foot 4, 285 pound monster
through bulletproof glass. If you’re having a
hard time, just ask Chris Jericho what it’s like.
A Shocking Mattitude
Matt Hardy, Edge and Lita had some great feuds
back in the days. One of their most notorious
matches was their Street Fight on Monday Night
Raw. When it looked like Matt Hardy was about
to get thrown off the stage, the Hardy boy
reversed Edge's move and sent him to the other
end of the stage. As he punched Edge, Matt
managed to get him into a Mattitude lock and
gave him the Matitude from the stage. Both men
fell into the electrical area of the stage and were
immediately shocked by the electrical cords and
Shane McMahon Jumps From Titantron
The wild boy of the Mcmahon family, Shane
McMahon, faced the World's Largest Athlete at
WWE's pay-per view Backlash in 2001 when
Shane McMahon dove from 50 feet in the air to
land on top of the Big Show. The jump was
unbelievable and painful, but gave the WWE
Universe something to talk about.
McMahon and the Big Show had a gruesome
match the entire night. Big Show looked like he
would be the victorious one during the early
stages of the match, but it wasn't till the late
Test came out and helped McMahon defeat the
Big Show.
Kurt Angle Suplexes Shane McMahon Into

At the 2001 King of The Ring, the American
Gold medalist faced Shane Mcmahon in a street
fight. Kurt Angle dominated the match the
entire time, but one of the most memorable
moments about this match was Kurt Angle
surplexing Shane O' Mac through not only one of
the glass walls, but two.
Kurt Angle's first suplex attempt failed as Shane
just bounced back off the glass. Wasting no
time, Kurt grabbed Mcmahon for a second try
and slammed him right through the glass. While
being on the other side of the glass Shane
attempted another suplex, but failed once again.
In his second attempt, Kurt threw Shane
McMahon head on to the glass, leaving the
owner's son bloody and battered.
Edge Spears Jeff Hardy From A 25 Foot

When it looked like Jeff Hardy was going to
retain the WWE Tag Team Belts, the Rated R
superstar did one of the most infamous spears in
wrestling history.
TLC II featured the Dudley Boys, Hardy Boyz
and Christian & Edge in a hardcore quality
match. Jeff Hardy proved in that match that he
was all about putting his body on the line for the
company. While hanging from the wire that held
the WWE Tag Titles, Edge climbed a 25-foot
ladder and speared Jeff Hardy in the air, leaving
fans chanting "Holy sh*t, holy sh*t!"
Superfly Jimmy Snuka Splash Oct.17,1983

One of the most important moments in WWE
history had to be the Superfly Splash, performed
by Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka in Oct. 17th 1983
against his opponent Don Muraco.
Fans weren't that vulgar back in the days, so
those "Holy sh*t!" chants were the only thing
missing from this moment. This was very
innovative and something never before done,
and the splash inspired a more extreme type of
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