How come a certain poster has not made a thread about the Wii U's sales?

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In just a week, the problems Nintendo’s (NTDOY) new home console is facing have cascaded into something sinister. The traditional post-New Year slump hit Nintendo’s home market in the week ending January 12 and exposed cruelly how weak the consumer interest in Wii U truly is. According to Famitsu, Wii U sales slumped from a pace of 70,000 per week to just 21,000. The ancient PlayStation 3 sold the exact same number of units, which is nothing short of a debacle for Nintendo. The hot portable console 3DS saw its sales slow down from 305,000 units to 106,000 units. This means that Nintendo’s portable machine is now outselling the brand new home console by a 5-to-1 margin in Japan.

Just curious? i mean I don't care about sales, but OUCH.

Also according to vgchartz:
Weekly Hardware Chart 12th January 2013
Platform N. America Europe Japan Global

PS3 32,449 60,922 22,456 138,205
X360 52,141 38,103 748 99,306
WiiU 16,795 11,256 20,912 52,424

Wow talk about losing market share.


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