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    you read the comments under it? they salty as hell
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    LMAO at these comments

    Yea, the First American president starting a new country compared to a third rate, wannabe dictator who wants to fundamentally transform America from the country of freedom to one of government tyranny.

    yea, they are the same in terms of importance of the, not so much there Barack.

    Van Jones would be considered a traitor a few years ago.
    My this Obama crowd is so full of themselves. He's Lincoln, he's Washington, he's FDR, Reagon. Hell, he's a Chicago corrupt politician no matter how grand they all think they are. Pride goeth before a fall.
    Washinton was offered the job of "king"! He turned it down - something our Obama could not/would not bring himself to turn down. Washington also had grace, class, dignity and set the tone for the dignified office of President, something Obama has been able to destroy in 4 short years, and heaven help us as to what the office of President will be like after another 4 years. Obama (and Michelle) have neither class, dignity nor the ability to portray what is really required for such a high office, they still exhibit the "community organizer" brash behavior.


    ^ That is my reaction to these salty Caucasian's getting mad at Obama's election, inauguration and praise.
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    Van Jones is just another example of the inept ignorant bastards that Obama buddies himself up with.
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    Who knows what Washington said at his inauguration though?
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    look, however salty this has made people, Van Jones is wrong... and honestly, it's just a stupid thing to say, because rather than discussing Obama's inauguration speech, debate now becomes about this comparison

    summation: i guess Van Jones felt he needed extra attention this week
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