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Ok now that he's in his situation with a child on the way, focusing on reality TV, etc.. what type of music can we expect out of Kanye? After Cruel Summer was a major disappoint with everything other than New God Flow and Mercy being forgettable, what direction will Ye go in? In the past, we haven't been accustomed to Kanye putting out subpar material. Even on Watch The Throne with its huge single "Paris" everything seemed to be overly materialistic and uninspired minus "Murder to Excellence"..

Kanye has damn near abandoned what he was once known for, production. While his debut was full of substance and his sophomore album was an innovative musical masterpiece, lately he seems to have been following more trends than starting them with his attempt to rhyme of more trap inspired beats. Add all this to the fact that he's never actually been a good "rapper", it starts to feel like he gets looks more based on persona/legacy like his Uncle Otis.

One thing I always appreciated about Ye was he does what he wants. He brings people together you would never expect. From the mainstream to the underground. It was great to see Pusha T, RZA and Jay-Z all on the same track on his last album or Justin Bieber with Raekwon. But sometimes it seems like he's just doing the most. Especially after the death of his mother, he seems to be confused and out of control emotionally. Like this dude really got Kim Kardashian pregnant b. Seems like he's gonna be too busy dealing with a media circus rather than focus on music going forward. He put a nice versatile roster together with GOOD Music: Big Sean, Mos Def, Q-Tip, Pusha T, Tity Boi (I know it's not official), Common, etc.. but at times it feels like he doesn't fully utilize it and guide their projects.

In the future will we see the return of the Kanye we know who makes nothing but quality music or a watered-down media clown who doesn't take music serious enough?


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