Question for the ladies

alvarez_313alvarez_313 Posts: 1,322 ✭✭✭✭
What's up with the selective hearing\memory thing? This chick at work started talking to me and we had a fun conversation.. During that light hearted conversation she dropped a lil question to see my relationship status.. She said something like "man I bet your wife is always laughing with you around" and I was like "yeah I'm silly like that all the time".. So we've been talking for several days now, nothing romantic just jokes and crap to make the day go by faster.. So yesterday she asks "when are you inviting me over for dinner?" and I'm like "huh? ummm...".. So today she asks if I wanna go for drinks after work one day, I say yeah that's cool.. Then she says "just to be clear. are you married or in a relationship?" so I remind her that I already said yeah.. Now she's acting like I never told her.. The fuck is that about? And why would she care anyway seeing as NONE of our conversations have hinted on dating, fucking, hooking up or anything like that?


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