As much as I dont like Chief Keef, there's nobody in the game more real than him to be honest.

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Look at what this young nigga has done so far in his short but illustrious career.

1. Stayed true to his roots by making a complete street record. No fucking pop bullshit. Only Bangers and no fucking filla on it either. Nigga took the Drake route with this one. I see him looking up to some real niggas

2. Has probably the best empire in the fucking game and stayed loyal to them too. So many talented, diverse rappers with him. Lil Durk singing them beautiful melodies like he killed and then reincarnated the spirit of Future Hendrix. Lil Reese bringing back true, real gangster music. This shit will scare the bejeebus out of your grandma, B. And Fredo is just a fucking scary sight. I haven't seen a nigga who can just look at you and just make you shit your pants like that. #GBEOverEverything #300

3. Even though you niggas might think this is "soft," nigga's really trying to be a good, productive father to his baby girl, Kay Kay. Even though you see him doing that ignorant shit, dude's really trying to be a nice role model for his daugther. He's spending lots of time with her even though he was promoting himself music wise until his tragic arrest. (#.FreeSosa) I think that's enough to be considered FOTY (Father of the Year) tbh. Just look at this pic and see the happiness Kay Kay brings him:


There's nobody more real than this nigga and he's only 17.
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