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What is Cam'ron's best album?

StewStew Rap Music Is My ReligionHTTRPosts: 51,810 Regulator
edited January 2013 in The Reason
Trying to figure out which one to put up for Classic Or Not so Ill pick the winner out of this.

What is Cam'ron's best album? 74 votes

Confessions Of Fire
the ghostscog81P. TownLou_CyphergenocidecutterJ. Willbindayvez79 7 votes
nawledge_godmiamivice305CP203black caesarStewilledoutMorganFreemanKingCigarello SlimTommy bilfigerMiltown MarauderLike WaterDMTxTHCCashmoneyDuxwAXed_poeticohhhlabrownzboogie23 16 votes
Come Home With Me
buttuh_brip.dilla[Deleted User]Mr.LVlamontbdcOGClarenceBoddickerLurkdogAchillesPeezy_Jenkinstrilladelickillaguwopjayvon32UrbanScribeKalecrunch 13 votes
Purple Haze
tb_lion_heartpoindexter2eternal soldiergeorgia boisapp08_2001internationalaneed123GhostdenithegawdhauteawwwwwwwwwwwPILL_COSBYspit_fiyaCutler 26 INT's LOL!iKingGodGivBizCoolJoeBDBIIDSupreme_Mind999lookdudeBuilt 4 cuban linx 31 votes
Killa Season
tompetrez3El Payaso_Menace_Lab BabyDr.Chemix 5 votes
IbexReggie80 2 votes


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