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I want to "downgrade" my car so-to-speak. I have an 04 G35x, but I've since then had a kid and started to think more along the lines of some other shit. For example, I was in Amsterdam, and I was conversing with this couple about how they live and the husband was tellin me shit like, he has had the same car for almost 13 years and doesn't plan on getting rid of it. Mind you, these people are PAID. So I know he can afford anything he wanted. Which got me to thinking:

If you look at a lot of American people, we value the size of our cars, men and women alike; basically bigger=better. But for some reason Im thinking, if I want to change my lifestyle, start living that way. So one way how this wealthy person keeps money is that he has had a decent car that he can maintain or get maintained easily, fuel efficient, etc.

Basically, I'm highly considering ditching my ride for an 02 or 03 BMW 316i Wagon. Its pretty cheap, I know beemers last for a long while, gets max 42mpg HWY. I feel like it has a smooth look to it (in grey), plus having a young child, I can fit all her shit in it whenever the time calls. Blahblahblah.....

What yall think? Any suggestions?


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