**The New Era Of The Simp Movement**

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Man...I don't know wat the future holds anymore, the game is all fuckd up nowadays. Lemme vent 4 a minute...

Remember the gud ol' days wen niggaz actually respected territory and automatically knew not to spit game @ a broad dat u fuckin, cuffin or just hollerin at?

Nowadays niggas, I'm talking those in your circle, wudnt hesitate to trespass boundaries...smh

2 of my dudes dat I fux with been comin @ me sideways lately. Nigga #A been callin nd textn this broad for the past 2 weeks tryna get fresh evn wen homie knows I been foolin this broad 4 a month and my other dude steady throwing dirt on my name to this other girl that I'm talking to, talknbout "he doesn't wanna c her get hurt nd dat she shouldnt get with me cos I do bitches da meanest nd just don't gv a fuck bout her" See...thing is these broads r open nd tell me everyyhing these niggas b doin nd sayn, they evn asking if I'm beefing with them coz evn they can c that wat they doin is a rookie move. Smh....

It aint jus them, I c this behavior everywhr nw. The game aint wat it used 2b. Mayb this is da New wave nd I need 2 get with the timez...I just don't kno

Has this SIMP plague also hit ur city too? Hv niggas also been diagnosed with this strain of SIMP SYNDROME? Players r getting real tacky nowadays
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