Rate My Presidents Volume 2: Bill Clinton

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I’m late on this thread, but here’s the intro and rules again:
…I thought it'd be nice to discuss and rate these presidents and maybe even learn a thing or two about American history.

The rules are as simple as the American grading system for secondary schools: you vote and give the president an A, B, C, D, or F. The criteria for the grading are indefinite but should include major ones like handling of foreign and domestic political affairs, handling of the economy, handling of the American people and society, overall legacy on America, etc. If criteria such as personality, wit, fashion, etc have to be counted, then please have them counted in only a minor way because the grade should be about how well the president did his job, not so much about what kind of person he was/is. And try to give some explanation for your final grade.


So, here we have Bill Clinton, the 42nd president of the United States. Now, I like Clinton, and I think he’s one of the very few, recent presidents that we’ve had who has a likeable personality. But there are a couple of major things I don’t like about his presidency.

I don’t like NAFTA. I think that in the end it’s costing American jobs. I don’t like how Clinton handled the Bosnian genocide. He was too passive for too long. But at the same time, he also involved us in a lot of other foreign conflicts that weren’t entirely necessary or productive imo. I also didn’t care much for “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and his pro-death penalty policies either.

Under his presidency, we did however have a relatively solid economy. And he did oversee the development of social programs for various Americans. He also laid the foundation of what was to be the end of Bin Laden and the downfall of Saddam. I couldn’t care less about the whole Monica Lewinsky scandal, but I might say that it did kind of make him seem a bit more human, and that’s saying a lot for a president.

My Final Grade: C/C+

Btw, the overall average grade result for Abraham Lincoln was a C+. A bit lower than I expected tbh, but some valid criticisms were made.

Rate My Presidents Volume 2: Bill Clinton

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