ok this girl my friend met was 1 month pregnant when they got together (her babydaddy walked out on her). anyway he was there when her son was born been taking care of her the whole 9 months and her soon whose been alive for 5 months they've been happy. anyway on the 6th month her babydaddy wants to come back and be in his sons life. sounds like trouble to me but i cant tell him shit anyway i did some sneaky ass spying shit (i admit im a dirty ass gossiping muthafcka "kanye shrug") and was able to steal a snap shot of one of there convos.


i admit im a bit of a shit starter but i care about my homeboys enough to help a nigga out i could make her babydaddy "disapper" for his sake or i could sit back and watch this L that i know is sure to come. if it was up to yall wat would u do


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