Zo! Great producer (Part of FE Music) 3 free EPs & a Personal Favourite Listen of the Year so far!

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Zo! is a producer over at Foreign Exchange Music. He's worked with the likes of Nicolay and Phonte, as well as a whole host of other common collaborators with the Foreign Exchange. However, this track is what made me fall in love with his music, the production on this is heavenly:

If there's one thing that you do today, it's listen to this track!!! Sy Smith is INCREDIBLE!

Amazingly, Zo! has three free EPs for everyone to download.

Here's the links:

Just Visiting
Just Visiting Too
Just Visiting Three (which contains the above track).

His new album is to follow later this year, 'ManMade' on Foreign Exchange Music. Can't wait. Enjoy :tu


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