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This poor, young lost soul named "Giovanna Plowman."

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Tried searching for this chick to see if there were any other results in The Community, and I didn't see any other results under "Tampon" that related to this chick. If this was already posted, my bad! O.K... Everybody probably knows this story by now. If not, Giovanna Plowman is now a famous internet personality that sucked on her used tampon to win a "dare..." Some moms need to beat the shit out of their daughters.

Tampon Girl, Giovanna Plowman, Psychologically Damaged

After grossing out the entire Internet population and picking up feuds with celebrities via Twitter, it is time to evaluate Tampon Girl's, or Giovanna Plowman's mental disposition.

A teenager from Buffalo shocked the controversy-loving netizens with her stunt of videotaping herself while pulling out her own sanitary device and sucking the blood out of it. The video quickly spread on LiveLeak and YouTube, but was subsequently put down for violating terms of use.

But it did not stop curious browsers from unearthing the infamous video from other sites, especially since it trended in Twitter in a span of hours. She has then picked several fights with celebrities, including singer, Arianna Grande, who expressed her thoughts about Plowman's lurid acts.

Plowman did not stop from there. It was also news that the teen "Faceboook-married" another stunt doer from New York, Dino Bruscia. Bruscia gained Internet population after posting a video of himself eating a bowl of ice cream that contains his own feces. It is indeed, love made in the grossest pits of the Earth.

What could be the reason behind all her blood-curdling (pun intended) shenanigans?

Aside from giving into rude persuasion of a dare, the 15-year-old teen from Buffalo clearly has attention issues. She could have done it to please someone, and make her seem like she'd do anything for fame. Nowadays, teenage years are crucial because of many issues such as bullying, popularity, and they are all intertwined with the improper use of the Internet who are fairly accessible to the "popular" kids from school.

It could not just be the dare that egged Plowman to eat her own tampon, she might have a psychological ailment that blocked her reasoning. Histrionic personality disorder exhibits the excessive need to have approval, attention and "inappropriately seductive behaviors." People with HPD are described as enthusiastic, lively, and express their emotions through impressionistic styles.

Plowman's Twitter account recently posted about a "suicide" with her "mother" logging into the page and posting "Hello this is Giovanna mom. I'm very sorry to say that Giovanna has commit suicide on 1/27 at 8:17. I'm extremely upset with all the hate(...)" The tweet was followed by:

"She got. Yes I wasn't happen she eat a f*cking tampon but guess what? It was her like not your life. If you think what she did wrong you."

Faking a suicide is one major sign of any attention-seeking disorder. A fake suicide is usually what attention-hungry individuals resort to when under a lot of pressure or negative attack. They think that it will cause a wave of remorse from people who "bully" them and make them feel the opposite of accepted.

What could be the solution to this abhorring situation of a young woman doing these stunts for fame?

Article Link: http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/429731/20130131/tampon-girl-giovanna-plowman-psychologically-damaged-photos.htm#.UQnCi46f--8




THE DUDE KISSING HER NEEDS TO COMMIT SEPPUKU BY DOUBLE BARREL... There's no other way in restoring his honor!!




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