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French Montana Says "Excuse My French" Will Be The "Album Of The Decade", Reveals Features

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French Montana claims that his upcoming project, "Excuse My French", will be the best to album to come out in a decade, and discusses some of the notable features.

The hype surrounding French Montana's debut album "Excuse My French" continues to grow. We've already heard the gigantic crew tracks "Pop That", and "Marble Floors", and French now promises that we'll see even more big guest appearances on the album. The album artwork for the project dropped earlier in the week, and French has now promised that the album will be a classic.

"I feel like it's gonna be a classic. I feel like it's gonna be the best album to come out in a decade" said the rapper confidently. "I heard everybody's album, I'm a fan of everybody." said French, but feels that he's achieved something greater."I feel like nobody came out with an album like this."

Montana also talked about some of the features on the album. "I worked alongside The Weeknd, got a record called "Gifted", said French. He's also "got a record with Wiz Khalifa and Snoop on it", and a collabo with M.I.A. that just got cleared. "She did a hook, shout out to M.I.A., much love" said French. Another big appearance for the album is still in the stages of being cleared. "We just waiting for Lana Del Rey to clear", Montana clarified.

As far as the production goes on the album, the NY rapper said he's worked with "a lot of producers from Harry Fraud to Young Chop to Rico Love".

"Excuse My French" is due out April 16th. View the full interview below.


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