Scarface breaks down his 25 essential songs from his catalogue

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1. DJ Khaled f/ Nas, Scarface & DJ Premier "Hip-Hop" (2012)
2. Scarface "On My Block" (2002)
3. Scarface f/ Jay-Z & Beanie Sigel "Guess Who's Back?" (2002)
4. Scarface "The Last of a Dying Breed" (2000)
5. Jay-Z f/ Beanie Sigel & Scarface "This Can't Be Life" (2000)
6. Scarface & Beanie Sigel "Mack and Brad" (2000)
7. Gang Starr f/ Scarface "Betrayal" (1998)
8. Scarface f/ Too $hort, Tela, & Devin the Dude "Fuck Faces" (1998)
9. Scarface f/ 2Pac & Johnny P "Smile" (1997)
10. Scarface "Mary Jane" (1997)
11. Scarface f/ Dr. Dre, Ice Cube & Too $hort "Game Over" (1997)
12. Geto Boys "The World Is a Ghetto" (1996)
13. Scarface f/ Ice Cube & Devin The Dude "Hand of the Dead Body" (1994)
14. Scarface "I Seen A Man Die" (1994)
15. Scarface "No Tears" (1994)
16. Scarface "Now I Feel Ya" (1993)
17. Scarface "Let Me Roll" (1993)
18. Geto Boys "Six Feet Deep" (1993)
19. Scarface "I'm Dead" (1991)
20. Scarface "A Minute to Pray and a Second to Die" (1991)
21. Scarface "Diary of a Madman" (1991)
22. Scarface "Mr. Scarface" (1991)
23. Geto Boys "Mind Playin' Tricks on Me" (1991)
24. Geto Boys "Do It Like a G.O." (1989)
25. Geto Boys "Mind of a Lunatic" (1989)

Gonna post the breakdowns Scarface gives post-by-post. It's too long to put in the OP.

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    Top 5 all time MC. My OG Uncle Face.
    damnkpDisciplined InSightHarlemThumzUp
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    It should be some songs in between The Fix and now on the list.
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    The list is solid.

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    He should of had look me in my eyes on the list I bet the breakdown of that song is crazy
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    Face is #1 on my list of all time
    J. Will
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    Facemobb top 5 dead or alive
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    thx 4 this homie. imo 'now i feel ya' and 'seen a man die' are 1 and 2
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    good shit bro.....
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    after a 2nd look. how the fuck is 'jesse james' not on that list?!
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    Geto Boys "Mind Playin' Tricks on Me" (1991)

    “I had no idea back in 1990 that it was gonna be a big record. That record was written when I was 19-years-old, I was a kid then. Those Geto Boys records were recorded when I was a teenager.

    “Long story short, I was doing a solo album. I had originally done the it as a solo song but then the owner of Rap-a-Lot heard it. They sent the song out to Priority and the people at Priority were doing fucking flips over the record.

    “After everybody fell in love with the record, Willie D wrote a verse to it and put his verse on it and Bill took the last verse that I did. That’s why it’s four verses. The three verses was really me by myself, the verse that you heard Bill on was my original verse. I originally wrote and rapped Bill’s verse. I wrote every verse except for Will’s verse. And I produced the beat too.

    “I was really going through some deep shit when I was a kid. I was going through manic depression. I just wanted to die. I spent a lot of time in hospitals for depression. I was really one of those kids that was fucked up. It had nothing to do with the way I was brought up, but I didn’t value life back then as much as I value it right now. I thought about death, I thought about crazy shit.

    “I spent a lot of time in this hospital in the adolescent unit for troubled kids. I was fucking terrible. I beat up teachers, students, mommas, daddys. I was a fighting motherfucker when I was a little kid. The doctors gave me shit like Mellaril and Lithium. They didn’t give me shit like they give these kids now a days. They give them all kinds of dope nowadays.

    “Growing up I did all the cool drugs like hallucinogens, I did a lot of rush, and I smoked a lot of weed. Rush a little jar with a red top, you can get it at the head shops, and it says ‘Rush’. It ain’t no popper, it's a puff. We sniffed a lot of paint, sniffed a lot of glue, and did a lot of acid. I didn’t start fucking with acid until I was probably about 17. Oh and mushrooms.

    “My uncles were drug heads, so I was getting high when I was 8-years-old—I'm not even exaggerating. My uncles would blow me charges while my other uncle would squeeze my chest, like they put me in a death grip from behind where I couldn’t breathe and you would black out. You would call it an Indian Charge.

    “When I wrote ‘Mind Playing Tricks on Me’ I'm pretty sure I was high. I know I was high on alcohol and maybe like a fucking drop of something crazy. I mean I did a lot of fucking dope, man. I mean like, ‘Holy Fuck!’ I got real high and maybe that put a lot of the darkness that came out in my records back then. I'm so blessed to still be in my right state of mind as an adult.”
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    ohhhla wrote: »
    The list is solid.

    Ya sig bruh >>>>>>>>

    goat shit bruh.

    new found respect for you.

    On a side note tho Scarface is in my personal top 10 forever.
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    Face is GOAT, hands down

    back to back classics

    I just listened to Untouchable and last of a dying breed back to back without skipping one track
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    They all number 1 for me
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    Scarface one of the best to ever do it. Props
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    KingGivBiz wrote: »
    ohhhla wrote: »
    The list is solid.

    Ya sig bruh >>>>>>>>

    goat shit bruh.

    new found respect for you.

    On a side note tho Scarface is in my personal top 10 forever.


    I thought you would make fun of me like Supreme Mind.
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    Wow, Complex did something right for once.. props..
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    Scarface "Mr. Scarface" (1991)

    “In the beginning, everybody thought that Ready Red was Scarface. They would be like, ‘Oh whatsup Akshun, where’s Scarface at?’ They thought that me and Scarface were two different people. When that song came out is when the identity changed. Everybody knew who Scarface was and nobody knew who Akshun was. They would still say, ‘Which one of y’all is Scarface?’ and I would have to say, ‘That’s me man.’ So I just followed suit with the public because that’s what the public wanted.

    “The shit that we were doing made me write that fucking song. The motherfuckers were calling me Scarface. They started saying, ‘That shit is straight out of the Scarface movie, I can’t believe y’all did that shit.’ But we hadn’t seen Scarface yet. I didn’t see the movie until ’88. five years after it came out.

    “‘Nobody knows my name they only know my face.’ That’s the truth. That record right there summed up my whole life. ‘You try to school me you get served with no regard.’ People respect my shit because it's so authentic, it's so Houston. After all these fucking years, I even had a record with Gucci Mane called ‘Scarface.’ People called me Scarface cause I gave them a reason too.

    “In the late ‘80s, we was on some real ignorant shit. ’88, it was on. We were doing some crazy ass shit, like some Scarface shit. We were selling rocks man. That’s about as much information as I can give you.”
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    In before niggas come in here trying to tell Face which 25 of his own songs he allowed to like the most
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    and Face Top 5 of All Time
    ohhhlaDisciplined InSightgoldenja
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    Anyone that refuses to recognize 'Face as an emeritus of uncut dope realism needs to re-evaluate their Hip Hop life.
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