Hard on Hoes: No Head Edition

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Man chops off neighbour's head and throws it out of window when she tries to mediate argument in China


A Chinese man chopped off his neighbour's head before throwing it out of a window and through the windscreen of a car below.

The incident took place in Chongqing Municipality in southwest China after the man escaped from a psychiatric hospital.

It's reported that that he returned to his father's apartment after escaping from the hospital and got involved in an argument with him. A female neighbour who lived in the apartment directly below heard the shouting and decided to try and intervene.

However, when she tried to mediate the man took out a knife and stabbed her to death before cutting off her head. He then threw the head out of a window and it landed on a parked car beneath, smashing through the windscreen. The man was apprehended and arrested by police


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