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Fake engagement rings (Promise Rings)

s_a_m_r_i_os_a_m_r_i_o Posts: 2,089 ✭✭✭✭✭
I noticed during the years females wore these fake, funny looking rings on their left ring finger. So "jokingly" my chick said it'll be nice to have a promise ring. I asked wtf is that but said nevermind, I'll look it up. So it's a ring you can give to your s/o to show that you love them or a sign that you want to marry them but just not ready yet.

I don't know how long this shit been going on but is that kind of simpish? You been smashing a girl for like 4 months, you give her a promise ring just so you can keep hitting that ass knowing you'll get rid of her when a new girl comes along. A female ever talked you into getting her one. Seems kind of teenager-ish.

To add to this, I bet females have no boyfriends but they wear them just to pretend they do or to feel special. Lol.


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