My theory for why many white people favor white rappers

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In the simplest of terms, I theorized last night that many white people prefer white rappers because of the language barrier. This sounds odd, doesn't it? Black rappers speak English, do they not? Yes they do. Just as economists, psychologists, social scientists and mathematicians do. All of these perspectives and fields of study have one thing in common though: specific vocabulary created to refer to ideas related to that subject. Just as someone who has never studied sociology before may not know what Marxism is or understand folkways and mores, many white music fans may not understand what is said by many black rappers because they cannot understand the jargon.

I came to this conclusion when a white friend of mine said that Macklemore was really dope, unlike most rappers nowadays. The idea that there is not a lot of good rap nowadays is nonsense in my opinion, it is only the commercialized music that reeks of vanity and materialism. He then said "Oh, and I guess Shad's pretty good too. But other than that there aren't many good rappers" (I paraphrased a bit). So then I asked him what is meant in the line:

"Home economics class taught me class is bout cake".

He, being white as sour cream, said "That's just about cooking". Obviously that is completely wrong. This little event helped me affirm my view that the reason why white people ignore the work of talented non-white rappers and favor white rappers is at least partially because white people simply do not understand the vocabulary. If true, I would deem it safe to conclude that if someone can not even understand the message, their opinion of it is worthless.



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