Is Kyrie Irving already at MVP Derrick Rose level?

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Before the Bulls fans rage, Rose did carried the Bulls out of the way. He had an impact, but it wasn't as huge as people made it out to be as the Bulls have remained top 3 even without Rose's help That is not to say Rose isn't a great player, he provided the scoring output that the Bulls needed to make it far in the playoffs.That being said, currently, Kyrie is scoring just as much as Rose was on less shot attempts, with an efficiency higher than Rose ever had in his career. (24 ppg, 47%FG, 40%3PT, 84%FT)His defense is currently on par with Rose's after his first two yearsHe is averaging slightly less assists but that is a result of far worse teammates
Won't be long until Kyrie > Rose in all facets of the game 
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