Is Marshall Henderson the next Jimmer?

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They hyping the shit out of him right now.....


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    nope, he getting hype cuz he has a different personality that can create headlines for a college basketball story. but he not even the player jimmer was, not that jimmer was that good to begin with. plus he a coke head
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    i don't think he's much like jimmer. especially off the court and his demeanor. he should be compared to a black player. actually watch them say he's "half jimmer, half jason williams"
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    detcatinva wrote: »
    but he not even the player jimmer was, not that jimmer was that good to begin with


    he's in the top ten all time in NCAA scoring,
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    Yea i ve been watching him and he is homie shoots the ball every time he touches it no matter what
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    The fuck is a Marshall Henderson???!!!
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    He's good at what he does in terms of V cuts from off the ball screens and catch and shoot shit but imo Jimmer can do what henderson does AND put the ball on the floor a little bit. Make Marshall have to dribble and he's garbo goin to the rack for a guard. That lightskinned cat from Florida was lockin his ass down today when he was guarding him. Mashall scored most of his points on that other black dude that was gettin lost in the screens.
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    Damn I forgot about Jimmer Fredette................
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    I was gonna make a thread but searched n saw this 1 was already made.

    Fuk the basketball shyt this dude is sick Lol



    If he looks a lil 'off', its cuz he's a cokehead:
    A feature piece from USA Today reveals that Henderson's 25-day jail stint last spring was due to a failed drug test in which he tested positive for alcohol, marijuana and cocaine. The junior guard had been on probation following a 2010 arrest for forgery after he was caught purchasing marijuana with $800 worth of counterfeit money.

    Smh lol Probably plays high

    He is the new Chris Herren
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    DEAD @ the brotha in that gif hvin the same reaction i woulda had "Ahhh, this dude is bein sick" Lmao
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